General FAQ

Does your customer services answer us 24/7?

No, our customer service team work Mondays to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on Saturdays.

Do you have a list of contraband?

Yes, we do have different types of contraband class which range from class 10 to 11. Please check the list below for more information.

Are my goods secure and is AGC a legal business?

Be rest assured, your goods are well secured. Our promise is peace of mind. We were registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2012 as Adebayo Global Concepts (AGC) and now rebranded to AGC COURIER SERVICES.

Is their Provision for Tracking of Delivery?

Yes, there is provision for our customers to track their courier and cargo from pick-up to destination.

Does AGC Courier Services offer packaging services?

Yes, we offer such professional services, however, it comes at an affordable fee.

What Industries do you serve?

Our clients pan across different industries from Oil and Gas to Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Engineering, Government and many more.

Do AGC Courier Services offer car shipping?

Yes, AGC helps ship to customers' cars securely from anywhere. For example, we ship from Dubai to UK, USA to Egypt and many more. For more information on countries where we ship cars to, please Contact Us.

Do AGC ship Automobiles and Machineries?

Yes, we ship automobiles and machineries. However, prices vary according to the size of the machines involved. We also advise our customers to be considerate with the volume of luggage in their cars (we do not charge for luggage loaded into cars).

Do AGC demand for extra charges when goods get to Nigeria?

Yes, in some cases if the cargoes attract customs charges, our customers will bear the extra charge.