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Same Day Delivery

Same day deliveries are part of our business portfolio as delay isn’t part of business.

Express Delivery

With an established reputation for speed and reliability, AGC Courier express delivery is more than just a delivery service

Next Day Delivery

With our advanced booking in place,you could have your parcel fixed for the next day delivery

Inter - State Delivery

Inter state deliveries involve transactions that are out of Lagos but within Nigeria.


If you are often in need of urgent door to door deliveries within the same city or state,AGC courier services has the perfect solution for that.



In AGC Courier, our road transportation services offer professional match for your goods with the right vehicle and the right route.


AGC Courier provide delivery services for E-commerce platforms while offering End-to-End E-fulfillment services.


AGC Courier has insights that tackles customers challenges. we are open and very transparent in the way we work.


Whether you are a small or big business or individual in need of an affordable delivery solution, -We can help you


Monday - Friday: 08:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday Hours: 10:00AM - 01:00PM


Head Office: 26 Oludegun Street Ire-Akare Estate, Isolo. Lagos
Phone Number: +2349062982176


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